I have made 3 dvds  which I have for sale.

DVD - Dancer and Drummer Working Together
This is a collaboration with JWAAD trained belly dance teacher Nikki Livermore.  It explains the musical count of rhythms and suggests dance moves to compliment them and so create a beautiful and professional performance.  The running time is 90 mins











DVD - Middle Eastern Drumming for Beginners
This dvd is aimed at both the beginner and anyone wishing to sharpen up their skills and contains tips and tricks to help you get the most from your drumming.  The dvd covers an introduction to drumming, preparation, developing hand and finger speed, details of some of the popular Arabic rhythms and how to finish.  Running time is 110 mins

DVD - Tabla Tricks
This dvd is aimed at intermediate and advanced drummers and will show you a variety of  tabla tips, tricks, accents and decorations played over many popular Arabic rhythms.  The sections of the dvd include warm-up, counting rhythm bars, changing rhythms, tabla tricks, how and when to play tabla tricks, tabla tricks with rhythm, drumming for shimmy and the drum solo explained.  The running time is 75 mins.











Contact me for more information and prices.