Drum Classes

Drum Classes

 Suitable for anyone who would like to play the tabla drum - male or female and for dancers to learn about the drum rhythms

It is important for belly dancers to know the basic Arabic rhythms. Understanding the music and picking out the rhythms is a fundamental part of becoming a good dancer. Knowing which movement is suitable for each instrument will also help in creating good choreographies and enhance you performance.

Workshops will include:-

1. Drumming Arabic rhythms - whether a dancer or a drummer you should know the rhythms and their name and style - drums provided
2. Understanding the style of the song or music played and to be able to break it down into its various parts.

22 Egerton Close, Nythe, Swindon SN3 3ND

 Monthly on a Friday, date to be decided by the students

7.00 - 9.00 pm

£10.00 each